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• 28 Years Experience as a Full Time Trader
• For Beginner to Advanced Students
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• 2 x 1.5 hour Daily Live Zoom Webinars ( Europe and US Open )

Trade Futures, Stocks, CFD's & Crypto
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50+ Educational Modules

We don't limit trading to one market. Stocks, Futures, Cryptocurrency; we will teach you the techniques and skills to trade any market on any time frame to maximise your profit potential.

DAILY Mentor Access

Cam personally runs 2 x 1.5 hour Zoom Webinars EVERY DAY. That's 10 x workshops/webinars each week that all members get access to.  See the market move live, trade examples, and get any of your questions answered in real time.

Live In Person Workshops

See Cam in person 4 times a year for full day live workshops, and reinforce every part of his strategy step-by-step. With examples and dedicated time to answer all of your questions. See his trades and ask questions about your own trades. 

Trading Community

Post your trades/questions and have them personally responded to by your mentor. Cam also posts his trades (wins and losses) and you'll be able to study trades from other traders as well.

Real Time Chat Group

Enter our live chat group where trades are discussed as they happen. This is NOT a trade signal service, however this chat will allow you to be proactive rather than reactive with your trades.

No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

It really is that simple. If you are not happy or trading just isn't for you, cancel anytime. No lock in contracts. No spam emails after you leave. We will be here should you decide to return.

Meet Your Mentor - Cam

Cam is a professional full time market trader with over 28 years experience. He has traded Futures, Stocks, FX and Cryptocurrency on all the worlds markets. He has also mentored students both locally and internationally for the past 22 years.

Through hours and hours of back testing and experience, he has developed unique trading techniques which have allowed him to personally achieve a 90%+ win/loss ratio, making him one of the most successful traders in the world today.

You can follow him on Instagram, and watch his trades live on YouTube.


Meet your Mentor - Elise


Elise has been a full time trader professionally for the past 8 years. She began with no experience, joined the Trade With Me Community as a student, and in a short space of time she is now a full time multi-million dollar private trader. 

She has traded Futures, Stocks, FX and Cryptocurrency on all the worlds markets.

Elise runs a webinar every Wednesday evening where she talks about how she has been in your shoes, starting from nothing, being coached by Cam, and is now trading her own multi-million dollar account thanks to the lessons learnt from the Trade With Me Community.


Build A Successful Career Trading From Home.

Our 50+ module course is designed with ease of use in mind. Classes are designed with varying levels for beginners right the way through to advanced traders.


Live In Person Workshops

All members get access to our full trading calendar which includes not just online events, but our in-person live seminars where you can meet the community and Cam in person, ask questions, explore new trades and learn advanced techniques.


What Do I Get When I Join The Community?

A rare opportunity to get mentored by a professional full time trader, PLUS:

  • Access to 50+ educational videos + live recordings of actual trades by Cam. 
  • 2 x Live Webinar Workshops Per Day, run by Cam 
  • Exclusive Access to the Trade with Me Support Community 
  • Exclusive access to the 24/7 live chat  
  • 4 x Live Workshops per year  

All this and access to a Professional Trader with 28 Years experience for only $250 AUD a month



Real testimonials from current students in our community

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Hi Cam. I just wanted to say a huge thankyou! I wish I could give you a big hug in person. My husband works interstate and I look after our 2 kids and whilst its very fulfilling, I always felt like I was missing something. Learning to trade from you has been incredible and given me so much confidence. I've been trading Gold and Oil just in the afternoons and my win loss count is over 85% which is amazing. The way you are helping change peoples lives is incredible and I just wanted to say thankyou. See you on the webinars. 


Mate you're an absolute legend. I've been in the community for just over a month and I've had 10 PPT Wins all in a row! This Trend Time Bar stuff is crazy.

But what's really great is how you talk about psychology and acting rich. I've now started my weight loss journey after being inspired by you. Ripped and Rich, Ha ha ha.

When you're in New York next I'd love to buy you a beer!


Hey Cam. After a long 6 months of lessons and mistakes I'm ready to trade Full Time and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. I honestly thought trading was a lot of BS and it couldn't actually be done, but your trading challenge on YouTube inspired my and gave me the confidence to give it a real go.

The first month I ignored all your rules and it cost me, but they were small losses because of what you taught me. I'm now consistently making money every month and I only trade when it meets the rules. You really are the GOAT cam. Thankyou so much.


Caught up on all the webinars thankyou!
Was looking back at my previous messages to you and in the space of the 2 months I have been a member ( nearly 3 ) I can see how much I have actually learnt.

It's been a very fulfilling experience learning from you, thank you for all the effort and time you put into your students.

I hope you receive thank you's on a daily basis.


I've been a member of your community for 3 months and I wanted to say thankyou for being a great mentor, motivator and holding us all accountable by showing up everyday. What you teach is life changing. 

I am grateful to have found your community.

You're genuinely trying, wanting and willing to simply help & teach people. Its truly appreciated.

Thanks Cam 


Hey Cam, just wanna thankyou again mate for not sugar coating stuff. The workshop really hit the spot, not only with trading but with the psychological stuff.

I've been trading for over a year, or at least I thought I was trading when I was just gambling an you've showed me what real trading is and more important how a trader behaves. Cut the BS, have a plan, follow the rules, work on your ethics, be accountable , be successful. 
I wish I learned from you my very first day. What you teach goes way above trading. It's an honour to be part of such a great community.

Kane & Pia Muehlenbeck

"I'm a firm believer in having multiple revenue streams, and this last year really confirmed the importance of that. So whilst we were all grounded, I decided to invest in myself and learn to trade with my husband. The course is clear and concise, and his method is brilliantly simple yet effective. I highly recommend this course, it's been a real game changer."


Jason Fong

"Of all the trading courses I have seen online, Cameron’s is the most professional and easiest to understand. Learning from someone who has 28 years experience as a professional trader has improved my trading significantly. I would highly recommended this course to anyone looking to learn how to trade and create an additional revenue stream."